Terms And Conditions

Lodge Farms Terms & Conditions 

If pets are collected in the morning opening slot – No day final day care charge is applied. 

If pets are collected in the afternoon opening slot – Full day care charge is applied. 

Rates are charged either with the owner supplying the food or with us supplying food. 

Proof of current vaccinations for Feline Enteritis and Flu (minimum) must be presented on arrival at the cattery. Any failure to supply certificate will result in the unfortunate event of us refusing stay as unvaccinated cats are not covered by our insurance.  

Pets should be up to date with Flea and Worm treatment. We reserve the right to refuse stay if your pet needs treatment. Treatment can be administered if your cat is due whilst staying with us, but should be provided by the owner.  

If your pet requires medication, it is the owner's responsibility to supply enough medication for your pet's entire stay plus one week after in case of travel disruptions. If medication runs out during stay a £20 fee will be charged to source medication from your veterinary practice and the cost of medication will be the owners responsibility and will be added to the invoice.  

In any event that any pet requires medical attention we will do our upmost to contact the owner or emergency contact to discuss prior to vet visit however, we reserve the right to make decisions based on your pets' condition and welfare especially in the event  of an emergency. Any existing conditions are not covered by the cattery insurance and therefore are the owner's liability if veterinary care is required.  

The cattery is closed for collections and drop offs on Bank Holidays and Easter Sunday 

New Customers are required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit to secure their booking.

Any period that is booked is chargeable. No deduction applies for early collections. 

Full payment is required on collection of pet via Cash, Card, Cheque, or Bank Transfer. We are now accepting Card payments, Contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay. For long stays - account is to be settled monthly in advance.  


Cancellations with less than 14 days notice will occur a 50% Cancellation Fee. 

Pets MUST arrive and depart in a secure pet carrier. Lodge farm Cattery holds no responsibility for your pet outside the cattery building.  


If, due to travel disruptions, your pet overstays its booking, they will stay in their pen if we have space, in the event that the pen is booked for another customer, your pet will be moved to a holding pen and any extra days will be chargeable. If, in the unlikely event, a pet is not collected within 14 days of expected departure and no contact has been made by the owner the pet becomes property of the cattery. We will then decide on appropriate action with the best interest of the pet concerned. 


We do our best to accommodate preferred pen requests but at busy times this is not always possible. Pens are booked at a first come first serve basis.